digital marketing strategy and audit

Your company’s
digital marketing strategy and audit

Digital growth is based on a smartly built digital strategy and environment. A digital marketing audit maps potential bottlenecks and opportunities and provides a good basis for making informed decisions on the digital growth of your company.

Using the auditing service, you can be certain that your information will be analysed by an experienced specialist and that you’ll receive (depending on the service package you select) a comprehensive overview of what you need to change and how to go about it, in addition to automatic weekly and monthly reports.

A digital audit includes:

Website audit
SEO audit
Social media audit
PPC audit
UX audit
Digital sales tunnel
The benefits to you

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s current ability to cover a potential market in digital channels, plus an analysis of your website, social media channel and digital campaign structure and content efficiency, taking into account your business objectives. A comprehensive audit overview also provides prioritised recommendations for improving the digital client journey, which is to say further developing your work plan.


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