How to increase users trust to your site



Today I’m gonna talk about commercial factors – the elements of a website that help people decide to buy a product or service exactly from you. 

Let’s start by checking common elements:

✅ Is there a phone number in the header of the site? ( Gives the opportunity without making unnecessary efforts to call).

✅ Is there a phone number in the footer of the site? 

✅ Is the full office address in the footer? (Gives the user the opportunity to learn about the location of the company without going to the “Contact Us” page). 

✅ Is the hours of operation listed (By listing the hours of operation, you can avoid losing customers due to after-hours calls).

✅ E-mail is placed on the main home page? (Increase the probability of contact with the visitor).

✅ Email created on the site domain? Meaning email like (Email on the site domain will increase trust).

✅ Is there a callback form? (Gives you the ability to get a potential customer’s phone number and contact them at a convenient time)

✅ Do you use an online consultant (chat)?  (Having a chat room can make it faster and easier for the user to get the information they need.)

✅ Do you have additional ways to get in touch? Telegram, Whats App, Skype and others 

✅ Are there links to the company’s social networks?  (The presence of social networks and their activity will help to increase the user’s trust to the company.)

Check on the Contact page:

✅ There are multiple working phone numbers

✅ There is a feedback form

✅ Full office address

✅ Driving directions, map (there may be photos of the office)

✅ “How to get there” instructions

✅ Company bank details

✅ Links to social networks 

✅ Contacts of supervisor, managers, etc.

Section “About Us / About the Company”

✅ Company’s age (Indicates experience)

✅ Company history with photos

✅ Certificates, diplomas, awards, achievements.

✅ Vacancies (shows that the company is growing)

✅ Photo of the office

✅ Photo of employees


✅ There is no third-party advertising (context, banner, other) on the site.

Delivery page

✅ There is a page in the menu “Delivery and payment” or two separate ones

✅ Many ways of delivery, including self-delivery, courier.

✅ Many ways of payment, including cash and bank card.

✅ Each method of delivery and payment is detailed

✅ Online payment is via secure protocol HTTPS